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This ceramic My Bud Vase® features a sand textured covering and a matte painted full bodied base. She comes with the succulent topper and the bottle-brush style faux flower poker that matches her lone stripe of colour and her custom bowl.
The lone Coyote is believed to be the harbinger of life and the symbol of new birth. It is an animal who is associated with cleverness and deception. A coyote is a transformer and a shape shifter. This earthy beauty we now introduce to you, at a time and place where tremendous changes and shifts towards normalization are happening daily. We hope our products help to move these changes forward for you and guide you to a beautiful new way of smoking. Discreet and Distinct, Clever and Creative, Deceptive and Daring.

Product Features:
- H: 10"
- W: 5"

What's Included:
1 x Coyote Water Pipe
1 x Coyote Custom Slide
1 x Fixed Downstem
1 x Succulent Flower Poker
1 x My Bud Vase™ Tag & Certificate of Authenticity