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What's life without Joy? It's hard to imagine right? This adorable three-piece set is just begging for an uplifting strain and a positive life with you. This My Bud Vase™ porcelain set can turn your sophisticated consumption dreams into reality with her decorative vase, and matching stash container and coaster. Also included are a fern flower poker and small white foam flowers. She's a lovely reminder to bring Joy into your life daily

Product Features:
- H: 8" x W: 3.5" (Vase)
- H: 3" x W: 1.75" (Stash Jar)
- W: 4" (Coaster)
- 9 millimeter 2.5" small clear bubble bowl
- Made of ceramic

What's Included:
1 x Joy Vase
1 x Stash Container
1 x Coaster
1 x Clear Bowl
1 x Fern and White Rose Flower Poker
1 x My Bud Vase™ Tag & Certificate of Authenticity