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You can also find us at The 400 Market on Weekends from 9am-5pm
You can also find us at The 400 Market on Weekends from 9am-5pm


The Volcano Classic is an Icon which played an integral role in shaping today’s vaporizer industry and impresses with high quality materials and craftsmanship – made in Germany. They are paying tribute to the world’s best-known vaporizer and its long-lasting success by giving you a Gold-Plated Volcano Classic (24 carats)! 

The Volcano Classic delivers an excellent vapor production, which has remained unmatched by all competition. Due to its pure convection heating, it delivers unprecedented flavor and pure vapor. The Volcano, like all S&B Vaporizers, is assembled in Germany by hand with rigorous quality controls. Its purely electromechanical design and quality materials serve for an outstanding durability.

The Volcano is the most iconic vaporizer on the market and has been the connoisseurs’ choice for 20 years. Its iconic shape has immersed into many homes around the world as a unique design element. Now, the gold-plated cone gives the Volcano a prestigious, luxurious and sophisticated finish which will definitely make for an excellent eye catcher in every setting.

Product Features:
- Excellent vapor production
- Pure convection heating
- Time-tested quality
- Made in Germany
- 24 carat gold

What's Included:
1 x Gold-Plated Hot Air Generator (24 Carats)
4 x Easy Valve Balloon with Mouthpiece
1 x Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter
1 x Filling Chamber
3 x Filling Chamber Clip
1 x Cap Ring
1 x Normal Screen Set (Approximately 30mm)
1 x Drip Pad (Approximately 28mm x 4mm)
1 x Air Filter Set
1 x Herb Mill (Approximately 59mm)
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Instructions for Use